This week, we finally launched our first app in the GG series. Excited as we were to submit the app to the stores, it is a rather daunting process: Wrapping up the app across two mobile platforms (iOS and Android), creating screenshots, creative copy, descriptions, selecting keywords, this all has to be done before (or sometimes right after) sending the app away.

Once the app is on it’s way, and one may expect to feel relief – comes the doubt. Yes, just like in relationship doubt! We start thinking about all the possible things we might have forgotten. It could be just a little thing that we left till last, or something big that may break the app completely.

One of these things did happen, eventually. Once the app got approved and went live, we found a mysterious bug that had to do with push notifications. Push notifications, sometimes considered an annoying part of app culture, are crucial for this app, and we had to nail that one down.

And yet, there was a failure. What an anti-climax!

Luckily, apps can be repaired – we fixed the bug, and re-submitted a better version. Within less than 24 hours, a full update was ready to download, so only few users suffered from the bug occurrence.

Now we can enjoy, but not rest on our laurels: Guy interviewed this morning to a national paper about ROCD and the app launch, and there’s a lot of work to be done including writing this post.

We’ll keep you updated on news, make sure you download the app and play daily (that’s really important).