We’re now on the verge of launching a new app: GG OC, and would like to tell a bit more about it.

When we started working on GG Apps, we decided to start with a narrower, more specific audience, and chose ROCD and relationship related obsession as the first stepping stone. This came out naturally: Prof. Guy Doron is a world leading researcher in the field and helped define it. Therefore, we felt like we knew the target audience pretty good.

The plan was always to expand towards wider audience, and the next natural step is tackling a more established and well known range of obsessions which unfortunately affect millions of people worldwide: OCD, “Pure OC” and more.

We tailored a new “path” or map for people to follow – this path has four major goals:

Awareness: We learn more about our negative self talk

Identification: We train ourselves to better identify and challenge negative self talk

Positivity: We increase our access to neutral and positive self-talk.

Automatic: We increase the automaticity of the above processes.

Main audiences:
People with obsessive compulsive symptoms would benefit from using the app as a therapy assisting tool. It can provide users with more information about their condition, as well as better understanding of how other people who suffer from similar doubts think and feel. This app can be also used as a relapse prevention tool for OCD. Daily training can benefit by enhancing people’s ability to identify and respond to self-talk.

GG OC is scheduled for release early December.

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