About GG Apps

GG Apps is a partnership created for the sole purpose of utilising the latest mobile technologies for psychological training.

The founders of GG Apps are A/Prof Guy Doron of IDC Herzliyya, and Gur Ilany, entrepreneur, designer, developer and writer. Together we built a small scale yet highly effective development team with strong focus on building the best and most usable apps on the market.

Psychology apps and training apps are becoming a growing category on mobile, and while the ideas are great, very often the execution lacks polish and flair. What we aim to do is find the right balance between ‘heavy’ psychology themes, cutting edge research, and latest technologies.

The core idea is simple: Each app on the platform addresses one main disorder or phenomenon, and assists people who suffer from the disorder in overcoming it.

The first app we chose, GG RO: Relationship doubt and obsession, is supposed to help people who suffer from relationship related anxiety. Sufferers feel that they need to check whether their spouse is ‘The ONE’ – and sometimes by doing so obsessively.

While not designed to be a on-stop-shop for psychological therapy, GG Apps can improve and support treatment. Training daily has a cumulative effect, and the recommended daily session should last no longer than a few minutes.