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GG Apps family is a series of psychological training applications. Our apps share the same simple, minimalistic user interface and the same data engine, but vary in content.

We are a small team, and it’s very important to us to stay in touch with our community, and make sure everyone’s experience is as smooth as possible.

Free app content

Our business model is based on a free download of the app, included with 15+ free levels and one free daily training level. We believe the free levels allow users to try the apps, to get a feel for the GG Apps concepts and to complete some basic but meaningful training sessions. Users of the free app can also test their progress (currently supported in GGSE) and train daily using the free ‘daily training’ level.

Full app content

To explore the entire range of levels with the full content, users have to purchase the full app. There are two available purchases:

  1. One-time purchase, unlocks full app content permanently.
  2.  Auto-renewable monthly subscription.

Once users complete the purchase, they should be able to advance to the later levels and go through the entire course.

Purchase issues / errors

To make sure a purchase can be successfully completed, please make sure you have a stable internet connection.

In some regions, auto-renewable monthly subscription may not be available due to local regulations or restrictions.

I purchased the app, but levels still locked

Please make sure:

  1. You completed the purchase.
  2. You completed the free levels (levels will unlock once you reach them)

If this all looks correct:

  1. Try to close the app (not just exit but actually), then restart it.
  2. From the main menu, tap “Restore purchases”.

Still didn’t work?

  1. Try to re-purchase. You will NOT be charged twice.

No luck, still?

That’s annoying, and we apologise for the trouble. Unfortunately, we are a small team and although we try our best, sometimes there are some issues on some devices in specific situations that are hard to debug.

Please write to us using the contact form below.

  1. Select the correct app from the drop-down menu
  2. Specify your device (e.g iPhone 8) and if possible, operating system (e.g. iOS 11.3)
  3. Describe your problem

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