GG Apps Platform was created for the sole purpose of utilising the latest mobile technologies for effective psychological training.

The founders of GG Apps are A/Prof Guy Doron of IDC Herzliyya, and Gur Ilany, entrepreneur, designer, developer and writer. Together we built a small scale yet highly effective development team with strong focus on building the smartest, most usable apps on the market.

Psychology apps and training apps are becoming a growing category on mobile, and while the ideas are great, very often the execution¬†lacks polish and flair. What we aim to do is find the right balance between ‘heavy’ psychology themes, cutting edge research, and latest technologies.

The core idea is simple: Each app on the platform addresses one main disorder or phenomenon, and assists people who suffer from the disorder in overcoming it.

The first app we chose, GG RO: Relationship doubt and obsession, is supposed to help people who suffer from relationship related anxiety. Sufferers feel that they need to¬†check whether their spouse is ‘The ONE’ – and sometimes by doing so obsessively.

While not designed to be a one-stop-shop for psychological therapy, GG Apps can improve and support treatment. Training daily has a cumulative effect, and the recommended daily session should last no longer than a few minutes.