Main audience:  People who want to prevent depression, beat depressive thoughts and general mood. By training daily, people with low mood that are now in therapy would like to use GGDE to practice between sessions, and people who already had treatment for depression and want to prevent relapse.

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How to benefit from GGDE

People who want to improve and maintain their levels of confidence by training daily will benefit from the app as it provide users with information about depression, as well as allows for better understanding of our internal talk and its impact on our well-being.

People with depression that are now in therapy will benefit from using the app as a therapy assisting tool. It can provide users with more information about low self-esteem and its consequences and how other people with similar difficulties think and feel. Daily training can benefit by enhancing people’s ability to identify and respond to negative self-talk.

People who already had treatment for low self-esteem or depression can use the app to review their learning in therapy and practice challenging their negative self-talk.

How the app works to improve confidence

Throw away maladaptive thoughts. Approach adaptive ones. Learn to identify self-talk and respond quickly. Train daily and improve.
GGDE  focuses on how to improve your mood and prevent depressive thoughts. The app features:
– 1 free “test yourself” level (assessment)
– 15 free levels to learn, understand and improve
– 1 free daily training level
– 1 free positive boost level
– In total, 43+ levels including topics such as reducing self-criticism and the need to compare, decreasing perfectionism, learning how to deal with emotions and more.

New findings support the effectiveness of the basic mechanism used in GG apps.
According to CBT models, negative self-talk maintain psychological difficulties such as low self-esteem. Such negative self-talk, ultimately leads to negative view of oneself. Furthermore, it intensifies negative mood and often provokes feelings of depression.

GGDE was developed in order to provide an accessible CBT training platform. The apps allow individuals with low self-esteem to better deal with negative self-talk:
(1) increase individuals’ awareness of negative self-talk.
(2) train individuals’ to better identify and challenge negative self-talk.
(3) increase individuals’ access to neutral and positive self-talk.
(4) increase the automaticity of the above processes.

To further strengthen learning of supportive self-talk, each level the player completes is followed by a small memory game in which one has to identify a supportive statements that appeared in the previous level.

Training using this application, allows for gradual, steady learning of more adaptive self-talk. Break the vicious thought cycle and maintain higher self-esteem and better mood.

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