We learned the hard way that it’s important to check for user reviews of our apps – so now that we do read the feedback regularly, we often find some really encouraging gems – but few are like the following one coming from Jess, about GG Confidence & Self esteem:

This app is a GAME CHANGER in self confidence! After a few weeks of daily use, I realized my subconscious beliefs were changing and I began to truly believe the statements. It helped me begin to rebuild my confidence in an easy way that works whether you “believe ” the statements or not. Lacking motivation and belief make raising confidence very difficult- GGSE supports seemingly effortless change that LASTS! Thank you so much for your apps!! Much love! ❤


So, that’s what Jess wrote to us, and it makes us proud and more motivated to keep developing and improving the platform. While user reviews sounds like a trivial thing, for us waking up in the morning and reading that someone out there understand exactly what we’re trying to do with our platform and how it’s built to help and support positive self-talk is a great boost.

If you like our apps, please write a review so everyone can learn about them! And if you have suggestions, our apps are being updated constantly – make sure you write to us so we learn more about it all.

To understand for yourself more about how GG Apps work, please check out our little presentation – How GG Works.