GG RO: first user survey results are in!

During the last couple of weeks, we took the opportunity and sent a push notification, asking for our valuable users to take a short survey. We now concluded 90 days since launch, and wanted to take a little snapshot of the way things shape for our new platform and for the people who tasted it. We […]

Do psychology training apps really help?

Psychology is a huge field with a wide variety of philosophies, methodologies and research. The core idea of psychological therapy is to improve people’s well being. In recent years, training software started replacing some traditional training methods. For example, driving theory is now widely taught using apps specialising in teaching and using repeated training. The […]

A pretty smooth launch for GG Relationship

This week, we finally launched our first app in the GG series. Excited as we were to submit the app to the stores, it is a rather daunting process: Wrapping up the app across two mobile platforms (iOS and Android), creating screenshots, creative copy, descriptions, selecting keywords, this all has to be done before (or sometimes […]

The story behind GG RO: Relationship doubt and obsession

When searching for the keyword “relationship” on Google, Facebook etc, we usually find websites and Facebook pages that celebrate the beauty in relationships. One of the more popular terms, for example, is “Relationship Goals” – which is a great idea, assuming that following role models can be an inspiration to our lives. We want to […]