GGOC: OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

[su_button url=”″ size=”5″]GGOC iPhone[/su_button] [su_button url=”” size=”5″]GGOC Android[/su_button] Main audiences: People with obsessive compulsive symptoms would benefit from using the app as a therapy assisting tool. It can provide users with more information about their condition, as well as better understanding of how other people who suffer from similar doubts think and feel. — The […]

GGBI: Body Image Distress & Preoccupation

[su_button url=”″ size=”5″ background=”#19df53″]GGBI iPhone[/su_button] [su_button url=”” size=”5″ background=”#19df53″]GGBI Android[/su_button] Main audiences: People who suffer from body related distress including body dissatisfaction, preoccupation with a perceived flaw in appearance (Body Dysmorphic Disorder; BDD) and would like to improve their condition by training daily, and people who already had treatment for BDD or related body distress […]

GG Apps get into the details

At GG Apps, we believe it’s not enough to promise the world to our users. We don’t just focus on easily digestible content that everyone could write. Instead, we go very deeply and specifically into people’s real feelings and thoughts. Our apps begin with more common themes such as Self esteem. Soon after, we get […]

GG Apps updated with new font, language

Today and tomorrow we are rolling out a much anticipated to our line of apps. Our new version now supports Right-to-left languages, and for this new feature we also updated the font to a more contemporary, readable on (Open Sans). These changes will hopefully make the app content more comprehensible for your short training sessions. The […]

I have doubts about my relationship. Is it normal?

Doubt is a defensive mechanism. Its purpose is to warn and protect us from mistakes and danger. A good balance between confidence and doubt ensures we can operate in this world freely and happily, and maintain a healthy relationship. However, some people find it much more common to be unsure about things that for others […]

GGOC: OCD Training app is now ready to download

Good news from the app stores this morning – our newest app, GGOC: OCD Training app is now approved and ready to download. This iteration expands our GG Apps app variety to two – GGRO focuses on relationship related obsessions, while GGOC has wider, more generic OCD related content, with specific topics for common obsessions such […]